Worlds Stars Model Agency


World ’s Stars Model Agency is an Poland based thriving modeling agency focused on international cooperation and a creative approach to the promotion of new faces and talents. People are the pillar of our agency’s success. As ambitious and experienced professionals, we introduce a new quality to modeling. We guarantee our models a fresh and comprehensive approach to managing their long-term career. Equipped with vast knowledge we are open to what the future and the expansion of new media carry. We help models to take their first steps in the industry and we support them at every stage of their career. We offer our clients comprehensive, fast and efficient service focused on the effective promotion of their brands so that they can calmly focus on what they can do best in their business.


We believe that we shape the future of yours as well as ours. This is the only reason we are taking the initiative forward to reach to the top of pillar. We focus on active cooperation with the environment of respected and well-known professionals, representatives of elite brands and clients from around the world. We highly value professionalism and comprehensive development, and the best inspire us. We built our work ethics based on reliability, individual attitude towards models & their respective jobs and contractors, understanding their needs and requirements. We are not afraid of challenges, as it gives us impressive amount of strength to deal with all the hurdles.


Commitment to work, in-depth knowledge of the industry and building a long-term healthy relationships that enabled us to set a new goals & standards for others. Our team is made up of people’s with such different specialties and talents which helps us to fulfill the need of our most demanding clients. We are distinguished by a unique attitude towards our models and our clients with a healthy Trust, understanding and responsibility. We are determined to Give successes to our clients in an atmosphere of care, with prudence and care for their welfare, which we take as our First priority. So let’s come forward and March together to achieve success and we are happy to serve you.

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